24 tracks


All tracks by the respective bUGER artists
Mastered by Manabu Richard Nagao
Produced and Artwork by minamiryohei

A NiCE FORM 2024 ANF-003

[A NiCE FORM] works vol.3
Compilation Album

新興レーベル[A NiCE FORM]の企画する新しい実験コンピレーションアルバム『bUGER』は、非常に興味深いコンセプトで企画がスタートし、本レーベルがキュレーションした各地で活躍する様々なジャンルのアーティストによる未発表の”バグい!”作品を集めたものである。
また、参加アーティストには普段とは異なる変名での参加者もおり(PPTV、MC LAS、MUUPY、Marlyn Anasonic、FUKAMIDORI、民族M、T.CONTSU、etc…)、これがプロジェクトにさらなるバグ感や落書き風味の自由さに拍車をかけている。アルバム全体としては、一曲目から最後までジャンル横断型万華鏡系DJmixのようであり、まるでアーティストを代わる代わるターンテーブルに乗せたような体験を絶えず提供してくれ、BPM、質感、空間配置、インパクトなども作品ごとに大きく異なり、常に新しい展開が待っている。
このようなプロジェクトを「bUGER」と呼称し、今後もA NiCE FORMでシリーズ化していく計画である。このコンピレーションは、AIによって精査された音楽や動画の画一的なサブスクリプションとは対照的に、常に着地点を不明確にしながら聴く者に不自由な自由さをもたらす斬新な体験を大胆に提供することを目指していく。

[A NiCE FORM] works vol.3 Compilation Album 『bUGER』
The new experimental compilation album “bUGER” curated by the emerging label [A NiCE FORM], launches with a highly intriguing concept. It features unreleased “buggy” works from a diverse range of artists active across various genres, meticulously selected by founder this label. These works include experimental sketches, failures hidden in HD, scrapped ideas born from equipment troubles, and peculiar creations crafted from unconventional perspectives, diverging from their usual styles. Each piece vividly showcases the artists’ unconscious quirks and bug-like qualities through elements such as speech patterns, gestures, and more, inviting listeners into an unpredictable world.
Furthermore, the participation of artists under alias (PPTV, MC LAS, MUUPY, Marlyn Anasonic, FUKAMIDORI, MINZOKU M, T.CONTSU, etc.) adds to the project’s sense of eccentricity and graffiti-like freedom. The album as a whole offers an experience akin to a genre-crossing kaleidoscopic DJ mix from the first track to the last, constantly evolving like artists taking turns on a turntable. Each track varies significantly in BPM, texture, spatial arrangement, and impact, promising continuous new developments.
This project, referred to as “bUGER,” is planned to be serialized through A NiCE FORM. In contrast to standardized subscriptions of AI-curated music and videos, this compilation aims to provide listeners with a daring experience of discomforting freedom, always maintaining an unclear landing point.


5 trackes

01. 前方後円墳
02. 四隅突出型墳丘墓
03. 上円下方墳
04. 双方中円墳
05. 八角墳


live recording at Soto
May 12, 2018

graphic design by Shun Ishizuka

Soto Live Archives: 005

Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives

18tracks compilation

Compiled and the cover art design by Kōshirō Hino
Cover drawings by Yūko Kureyama and Kōshirō Hino
All tracks originally mastered by Bunsho Nishikawa
2nd mastering by Takuto Kuratani
(c) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Birdfriend

2CD / 2LP / bandcamp



cassette tape

A1. Divergence
A2. Macroscopic
B1. Microscopic
B2. Convergence

Jun. 2019


Mastered by Makoto Oshiro, Designed by Takashi Makabe / Zodiak

2,500 yen

12inch Vinyl

A1. muscle memory
A2. rice pudding developer
A3. gas monkey
A4. peak flavour
A5. man vs wild

B1. cheese and dip
B2. chicken breast
B3. why don’t you do your best
B4. fruits stand

Oct. 2018

御除霊乳房 - occulta





01. 修行
02. ムー
03. UFOデザイン
04. 急行池袋行き
05. ソビエト
06. 水
07. へやのほこり
08. シャワーの水圧
09. 馬鹿な精神医学心理学
10. 俺の街さっぽろ
11. HOT
12. 徳川埋蔵金伝説
13. ぽんぽこ
14. ホチキスの位置
15. こっちこい
16. dream
17. glucomannan


御除霊乳房:Vocal, MPC, Chorus

ハットコペ:Chorus (tr.17)
Chikako Hashiba:Chorus (tr.17)
Taichi Furudate:Chorus (tr.08, 17)


Oct. 2018

御除霊乳房 - alimentum





A1. 春雨
A2. マカロニチーズ
A3. 薄皮あんぱん
A4. 寿司食べたい
B1. くさいザンギ
B2. フォークの持つ方
B3. ハムの人
B4. マカロニチーズ大阪編
B5. ワッパー


御除霊乳房:Vocal, MPC, Chorus

Taichi Furudate:Chorus (A4)


Oct. 2018


17tracks compilation LP / digital album

the music is a collaboration of Abt (Sapporo, Japan), Aoi Maeda (Tokyo, Japan), Billie Thomason (Cape Town, South Africa), Colin Djukic (Munich, Germany), Futaba Nakayama (Osaka, Japan/ Berlin, Germany), Horst Richard Fritscher (Munich, Germany), Ivanna Zhuravchak (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine), Izumi Hirakawa (Sapporo, Japan), Keiko Saile (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii), Klaus Erich Dietl (Berlin, Germany), Kris Limbach (Berlin, Germany), Laura Melis Theis (Oxford, UK), Lisa Simspon aka Agente Costura (São Paulo, Brasil/ Berlin, Germany), Patrick Weh Weiland (Berlin, Germany), Mari Watanabe (Sapporo, Japan), Max Amling (Vienna, Austria), Mei Ann (Sapporo, Japan), Michael Jandejsek (Munich, Germany), Mirai Oukura (Sapporo, Japan), Miu Terada (Sapporo, Japan), Miyuki Mori (Sapporo, Japan), Monika Kliche (Munich, Germany), Nicolai Herrmann (Munich, Germany), Ruslan Boiaryn (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine), Stephanie Müller (Munich, Germany), Taichi Furudate (Sapporo, Japan), Takeshi Hattori (Sapporo, Japan), Thomas Glatz (Munich, Germany) and Yuko Fukasawa (Sapporo/ Japan).

wan wan show